By the time Elvis arrived in Hollywood, he had already conquered the music business with two hits, Heartbreak Hotel and Hound Dog. He had also stirred a national controversy on television with his gyrating performances.  His fame was now set to rise to a new plateau - motion pictures.

Elvis always loved movies. Even after he started his singing career, he longed to be an actor as well.  When music skyrocketed him to fame the dream of Hollywood suddenly came within reach. Elvis truly believed that being a successful actor would bring him longevity as a celebrity. As it turned out, his movie appearances combined most effectively with his unprecedented musical success to establish him as the single most important entertainer of our time.

What made these movies the most loved by fans, is Elvis’ raw energy on screen. Elvis played each role well enough to make millions at the box-office followed by more millions with the accompanying top selling sound tracks.  It is the fast flowing energetic songs taken from the 31 movies that are featured.  Cleverly scripted to give the audience a new insight to each movie, the show links each film chronologically taking the audience on a musical journey through the different creative styles of  Elvis’s music throughout his movie career.

A must for any and every Elvis fan!

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